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Facebook: Tales From The Hub E-Zine

Instagram: @talesfromthehub

Tales From The Hub is a Greater-Boston based literary e-zine that seeks to provide an outlet and stepping stone for Greater-Boston writers in their journey.

We accept any tied to Greater-Boston whether you were born and raised, married into, go to school or work in, moved there or any other connection.

A passion project, the aim isn't to make money on either side but to hone the budding skills of either side in publishing and writing respectively and to expose readers to stories and writers that may have had no voice beforehand. 

Starting in 2019, Tales From The Hub is a very small team. 

While seeking to expose stories of good craft overall, it would also be a pleasure to provide an outlet for underrepresented speculative fiction

(sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc. in the vein of Weird Fiction) writers.

We hope that you have just as much pleasure writing the stories or reading them as we do giving them exposure. 

Below lies a map of The Greater-Boston area, for those unfamiliar with our location or the desired demographic of writer.

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