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Submissions can be sent as an attatchment to:

Format should be in Shuun Standard Manuscript Format ( and saved as a .rtf or .dox file.

Subject of email should be labelled: "SUBMISSION: [Story Name]"

Body of email can include cover letter or information about you, but is by no means necessary, though please include how you're connected to Greater-Boston.

Your work, if accepted, will be published onto the site and referenced in social media. Possibly they may be transcribed into audio and print formats and distributed, though presently that is unlikely. Rights revert to the writer upon publication.

You should hear back about your work within 30 days. However, due to amount of incoming stories and amount of readers, if you do not hear back past then you can query about its status. If no word is reached, you can unfortunately assume it is rejected unless told otherwise.

Perhaps most notable to you, is that Tales From The Hub is presently unable to pay. It is a low-level passion driven project to provide an outlet for Greater-Boston writers and to get a foothold and practice their craft, something that can help advance their writing into higher outlets.


Ideally, the writer will be based or from the greater Boston area.


Tales From The Hub seeks to be a writer-friendly e-zine. As such, simultaneous submissions are allowed but inform us immediately if accepted elsewhere.

Multiple submissions, however, are not accepted.

Reprints are allowed, but mark them as such in the subject of email.

Word count should be between 500 and 5,000 words.

There is no particular theme: literary and speculative fiction (from horror to fantasy and sci fi to historical and literary to western) are both welcome, but the stories should hook the reader and have a sense of scale, dreamlike quality or wonder in its storytelling.

Be bold! Be different! Mix genres, experiment and push the borders of your creativity! 

Violence and cursing do not necessarily make a poor story, but it is a poor story that relies on them cheaply.

And, of course, write a story that you love. Then refine it into a diamond.

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